Issue: 2020- Volume: 2 Issue: 2 :


Year : 2020 – Volume: 2 Issue: 2


Research Article

Analysis of TET-2, ASXL1, IDH1, IDH2 Gene Polymorphisms and The Correlation with Clinical Parameters in Patients With Myelodysplastic Syndromė

Gülay Alp -Duygu Aygüneş, Burçin Kaymaz, Buket Kosova, Fahri Şahin, Güray Saydam

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Research Article

Research Article

Evaluation of Symptoms, Depression and Anxiety Levels in Young Women with Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitiṡ

Demet Yalcin Kehribar -Tugba Izci Duran, Gamze Karakurt Cetinkaya, Ayfer Kamali Polat, Metin Ozgen

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Research Article

The Serum Ammonia Level and Serum Factor V Activity in Chronic Hepatitis B İnfectioṅ

Neslihan Köse -Bulent Yildiz -Burhanettin Cigdem

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Research Article

Investigation of the Curative Effect of Urapidil on Intestinal Inflammation and Oxidative Damage: An Experimental Studẏ

Ayhan Tanyeli -Derya Guzel Erdogan, Deniz Ozturk, Selim Comakli, Huseyin Baylan, Elif Polat

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Research Article

Comparison of Total Serum Sulfhydryl and Glutathione S Transferase Activities in Patients with Oral Cavity Malignancies and Healthy Control Individuals ̇

Şeyda Belli -Halit Demir, Bilge Özdemir, Canan Demir

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Research Article

Assessment of the Fall Risk in Patients with Diabeteṡ

Emine Kır Biçer

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Research Article

Determining Clinical Correleation of CALR Type 1 and CALR Type 2 Gene Mutations In Chronic Myeloproliferative Disease Caseṡ

Miray Yaman -Duygu Aygüneş, Burçin Kaymaz, Buket Kosova, Fahri Şahin, Güray Saydam

Page No: 84-89 | Full Text


Research Article

Comparison of Tooth Brushing Habits and Oral Care Motivation Resources of Dental Assistant and Dental Studentṡ

Mahmut Sertaç ÖZDOĞAN -Ayla Öztürk, Sinan Yasin Ertem, Özge Akçam

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Research Article

Lazaroid U-74389G Decreases Testis Tissue Injury Induced by Testicular Torsion Detorsion: An Experimental Studẏ

Mustafa Can Güler – Ayhan Tanyeli, Ersen Eraslan, Fazile Nur Ekinci Akdemir

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Research Article

The Relationship Between Online Gaming Addiction and Hopelessness Levels of University Students

Aslıhan Tellioğlu – Habib Erensoy

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Research Article

A Cross-Sectional Study for Determining the Knowledge and Attitudes About Use of Antibiotics in A Rural Areȧ

Seyfi Durmaz -Safiye Özvurmaz, Aliye Mandıracıoğlu

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Research Article

Research Article

The Representation of Orthopaedic Oncology in the Media in Turkeẏ

Özhan Pazarcı -İbrahim Tülüce, Evrim Şirin, Fevzi Sağlam, Ömer Sofulu, Bülent Erol

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Research Article

Erlotinib and Melatonin Treatment Reduce Proliferation of the Neural Tumor Cells (SH-SY5Y) by Mediating TRPV1 Channel Functioṅ

Birol Özkal -İshak Suat Övey, Ömer Çelik

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Research Article

Biocompatibility of Two Different Universal Adhesiveṡ

Derya Sürmelioğlu -Ceylan Hepokur, Sevim Atilan Yavuz

Page No: 140-144 | Full Text


Research Article

Research Article

Evaluation of Uterine Carcinosarcoma with the Literaturė

İsmail Harmankaya

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Research Article

Immunosuppressive Effects of Capecitabine Chemotherapy and Protective Effects of Vitamin Ċ

Ayşen Altıner

Page No: 158-164 | Full Text


Research Article

Obesity and Female Infertilitẏ

Fulya Çağlı -Savaş Karakuş

Page No: 165-168 | Full Text


Research Article

Hydroxychloroquine: New Perspectives for an Indispensable Old Druġ

Sevgi Akarsu

Page No: 169-179 | Full Text


Research Article

Herpes Zoster Following Varicella Vaccination iat 18 Months Old Chilḋ

Özge Kaya

Page No: 180-181 | Full Text


Research Article

Extragenital Lichen Sclerosus and Vitiligo: A Rare Associatioṅ

Özge Kaya

Page No: 182-183 | Full Text


Research Article

Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum and Calcinosis Cutiṡ

Rukiye Yasak Güner -Yusuf Cihan Dirim, Melih Akyol, Ömer Fahrettin Göze

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Research Article

Akneiform Eruptions on the Bodẏ

Rukiye Yasak Güner -Ahmet Kozan, Sibel Berksoy Hayta, Ömer Fahrettin Göze

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