Issue: 2021- Volume: 3 Issue: 1 :


Year : 2021 – Volume: 3 Issue: 1


Research Article

Gastroprotective Effects of Pear (Pyrus Communis L.) Extract on Ethanol Induced Gastric Ulcer in Ratṡ

Ersen Eraslan, Ayhan Tanyeli, Mehmet Ramazan Bozhüyük, Mustafa Can Güler, Erdem Toktay, Nezahat Kurt, Gülay Özkan, Esra Çapanoğlu Güven

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Research Article

Results of Prolonged Use of Intrauterine Device in Endometrium and Eosinophil Leukocyteṡ

Ayşe Nur Uğur Kılınç, Sevcan Sarıkaya, Melike Geyik Bayman, Yaşar Ünlü

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Research Article

Combination of Strontium Chloride 5% and Licorice 1% Solution Compared Mometasone Furoate Solution 0.1% for Dandrufḟ

Rukiye Güner -Mustafa Tosun -Melih Akyol -Selim Çam

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Research Article

Evaluation of Pain and Anxiety Levels of Tooth Extractioṅ

Ahmet Barışık, Mehmet Esen, Mehmet Kemal Tümer, Yunus Balel

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Research Article

Hesperidin Attenuates Oxidative Ovarian Damage Induced by Ischemia Reperfusion: An Antioxidant, Antiautophagic and Antiapoptotic Agenṫ

Fazile Nur Ekinci Akdemir, Ayhan Tanyeli, Derya Güzel, Mustafa Can Güler, Ersen Eraslan, Selim Çomakli

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Research Article

Estimation of Tibia Length in Turkish Adults Using the Artificial Neural Network Methoḋ

Özhan Pazarcı -Yunis Torun

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Research Article

Prevalence of Fibromyalgia Syndrome in Infertile Women and Its Effects on Quality of Life and Sleeṗ

Sevil Ceyhan Doğan, Çağlar Yıldız, Gonca İmir Yenicesu, Özlem Şahin

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Research Article

Hip Pain associated with High Risk of Metastasis in Elderly Populatioṅ

Hüseyin Sina Coşkun, Hikmet Çinka, Nevzat Dabak, Ferhat Say, Hasan Göçer

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Research Article

Repair Results of Horizontal Meniscal Tears in Patients Over 40 Years of Age

Serkan Surucu -Ugur Onur Kasman -Mahmud Aydin -Ozgur Korkmaz

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Research Article

The Relationship Between Self-Esteem and Anxiety in Adults with Obsessive Compulsive Disordeṙ

Ahmet Aytaş , Habib Erensoy

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Research Article

Antioxidant Activity of Apocynin against Intestinal Ischemia-Reperfusion Induced Oxidative Damage in Lung and Intestinal Tissueṡ

Derya Güzel Erdoğan, Ayhan Tanyeli, Ersen Eraslan, Mustafa Can Güler

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Research Article

Tweak Levels in Rheumatic Inflammatory Diseaseṡ

Demet Yalcin Kehribar

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Research Article

Neuroimaging Manifestations of Behcet’s Disease: A Retrospective Study from the Eastern Mediterranean Region of Turkeẏ

Gülen Burakgazi -Fatma Duman

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Research Article

Evaluation of the Relationship Between Epicardial Fat Tissue Area and Coronary Atherosclerosiṡ

İnan Korkmaz -Ali Balcı -Sinem Karazincir -Hanifi Bayaroğulları

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Research Article

Student Opinions About Anatomy Education From Past to Futurė

Erengül Boduç

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Research Article

The Relationship Between Systemic Immune-Inflammation Index and TNM Stage in Patients Underwent Pancreatic Cancer Surgerẏ

Meriç Emre Bostancı, Kürşat Karadayı

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Research Article

Preventive Nutritional Style for New Type 2019 Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Pandemiċ

Hasan Basri Savas -Mehmet Enes Sozen

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Research Article

Association of Communicating Extralobar Bronchopulmonary Sequestration with Intralobar Sequestration in a Patient Who had Anal Atresiȧ

İbrahim Karaman, Selma Uysal Ramadan, Ayşegül Zenciroğlu, Özlem Balcı, Ayşe Karaman

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Research Article

Research Article

The Role of Serum Magnesium in Pregnancy induced Hypertension

K. Vidhya. S.H. Harshitha

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Research Article

Effects of Ageing on Hearing Impairment in Spinning Mill Employees

S.H. Harshitha, K. Vidhya

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Research Article

Research Article


Arjun Gupta

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