Issue: 2020- Volume: 2 Issue: 3 :


Year : 2020 – Volume: 2 Issue: 3


Research Article

Determination of Serum Endocan and Hs-CRP Levels in Acute Stroke Patientṡ

Gözde Yalçın, Aslı Bolayır, Şeyda Figül Gökçe, Burhanettin Çiğdem, Okan Halef Doğan, Şeyma Yıldız

Page No: 189-196 | Full Text


Research Article

Role of Nasal AQP5 And TREK1 Expression in Biomolecular Background of Pregnancy Rhinitiṡ

Burak Ülkümen, Burcu Artunc Ülkümen, Muhammed Burak Batır, Sırrı Çam

Page No: 197-203 | Full Text


Research Article

Evaluation of Serum Interleukin-10, Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Level and Cardiovascular Autonomic Functions in Multiple Sclerosis Patientṡ

Şeyda Figül Gökçe, Burhanettin Çiğdem, Sevil Ceyhan Doğan

Page No: 204-209 | Full Text


Research Article

2D:4D Ratio and Sex Role Orientation in Physical Education Prospective Teacherṡ

Ökkeş Alpaslan Gencay, Seda Avnioğlu, Ertugrul Gencay

Page No: 210-214 | Full Text


Research Article

In vitro Effects of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Their Niches in The Inhibition of M. tuberculosis Growtḣ

Müge Karakayalı, Tuna Önal, Ibrahim Tuğlu

Page No: 215-221 | Full Text


Research Article

Ischemia Modified Albumin as a New Marker for Diagnosis of Early Pregnancy Losseṡ

Dilek Erdem, Hasan Basri Savas, Neslihan Erdem, Sibel Kuloğlu Genç, Gamze Avcıoğlu

Page No: 222-227 | Full Text


Research Article

The Accuracy of Endoscopic Diagnosis of Intestinal Metaplasia Compared to Histopathological Diagnosiṡ

Remzi Beştaş, Tamer Yeğinaltay

Page No: 228-232 | Full Text


Research Article

Correlation Between Exertional Dyspnea, Functional Capacity and Quality of Life in patients with Angina Pectoriṡ

İrem Hüzmeli, Aysel Yıldız Özer, Oğuz Akkuş, Fatih Yalçın

Page No: 233-240 | Full Text


Research Article

The Effect of The Diagnostic Criteria on the Prognosis of Patients Diagnosed With Sepsis at the Intensive Care Uniṫ

Pinar Ceylan, Atilla Şencan, Cem Ece

Page No: 241-246 | Full Text


Research Article

Comparison of the Levels of Shelterin Complex in Patients with Schizophrenia with that in Healthy Individuals

Serpil Erşan, Aydın Kurt

Page No: 254-260 | Full Text


Research Article

Attitudes of Healthcare Workers Towards COVID-19 and Affecting Factorṡ

Yaşar Demir, Pınar Oruç, Saliha Özpınar

Page No: 261-266 | Full Text


Research Article

Evaluation of Blood Transfusion in Elderly Patients with Hip Fractures Treated with Modular and Monoblock Partial Prosthesiṡ

Abdulkadir Sari, Yasar Mahsut Dincel, Mehmet Umit Cetin, Erdem Can, Seyran Kilinc, Burak Kaval, Burak Gunaydin, Mekkedin Morina

Page No: 247-272 | Full Text


Research Article

Variations of Total-Aeroallergen Specific IgE and Eosinophil Levels in Psoriasiṡ

Rukiye Yasak Güner

Page No: 273-277 | Full Text


Research Article

Evaluation of Hallux Valgus Deformity among Medical Student : A Cross-Sectional Studẏ

Keziban Karacan, Mehtap Erdoğan

Page No: 278-283 | Full Text


Research Article

Depression Reduces the Effect of Phototherapy on the Psoriasis Patientṡ

Özge Kaya, Sibel Berksoy Hayta, Melih Akyol, Sedat Özçelik

Page No: 284-290 | Full Text


Research Article

Cutaneous Hemangioma: Our Experience Over 8 Years and Literature Revieẇ

Zeynep Bayramoglu, Ayse Nur Ugur Kilinc, Yasar Unlu

Page No: 291-295 | Full Text


Research Article

Changeable Factors of Fertilitẏ

Savaş Karakuş, Fülya Çağlı

Page No: 296-300 | Full Text


Research Article

Neovascular Glaucoma – A Revieẇ

Armağan Filik, Özen Ayrancı Osmanbaşoğlu

Page No: 301-305 | Full Text


Research Article

DNA Topoisomerases as Targets for Anticancer Agentṡ

Ulviye Acar Çevik

Page No: 306-312 | Full Text


Research Article

Effectiveness of Interventions to Reduce Water Pipe Smoking Behaviors among Adolescents: A Systematic Revieẇ

Derya Adıbelli, Nurcan Kırca

Page No: 313-319 | Full Text


Research Article

Horizontal Augmentation of Alveolar Crest with Onlay Graft: A Case Reporṫ

Esra Mavi, Şükrü Kolay

Page No: 320-324 | Full Text


Research Article

Using Tocilizumab in Sars COV-2 Dısease: Case Reporṫ

Elmas Uysal, Işıl Özkoçak Turan

Page No: 325-327 | Full Text


Research Article

Comparative Evaluation of Stapled Haemorrhoidopexy versus Open (Milligan- Morgan) Haemorrhoidectomy

Ajay Chhikara, Archana Bharti, Gp Capt G S Sethi

Page No: 328-333 | Full Text