International Journal of Academic Medicine and Pharmacy
Editor : Necati Ozpinar, Assoc. Prof.
Assistant Editor : Savas Karakus, Assoc. Prof., Ceylan Hepokur, Assoc. Prof.
Publication Place : Turkey
Year-Number : 2021 – Volume: 3 Issue: 2

Research Article

Research Article

The Never-Ending Nightmare: Analysis of 435 Women Who Presented to the Emergency Department Due to Domestic Violence ̇
Atakan Savrun -Seyda Tuba Savrun -Ismail Erkan Aydin -İskender Aksoy -İbrahim Caltekin -Hacer Yasar Teke

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Research Article

Depression and Hopelessness Levels among Emergency Service Personnel Working in Shiftṡ
Seyda Tuba Savrun -Ismail Erkan Aydin -Omer Karaman -Ali Aygun -Cagri Akalin -Yeliz Kasko Arici -Erdal Demirtas

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Research Article

Is Learning Medical Terminology Facilitated with Visual Materials?̇
Fatma Öz -Nihan Katayıfçı -Bircan Yücekaya -İsmail Uysal -Hasan Hallaçeli

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Review Article

The Importance of Pictograms in Pharmacy Practicė
Bülent Kıran -Elif Gizem Karaca -Özgecan Gül Hızal

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